Modified Hiorth-build from Sweden


Hi, I was wondering how you got the wires to work when using a threaded connection between the mast clamp and the aluminium tube. Did you install the wires only after threading the tube?

I was looking for a solution which allows removing the tube easily, without having to re-seal everything every time.



I followed hjorts build. The cables go through the mast, through the threaded 3D printed part and to the motor. Everything is mounted to the motor and gearbox before the alu-tube is screwed on to the threads.



Another update. Changed the AOA on front wing by approx 1,5 degrees. Made a big difference but it had an negative impact on the capacitors on the yep. I pushing very close to the esc:s limit now. I’ve ordered new 630uf 63v caps that hopefully will help.

The plan is to change the AOA to 0,5 and run another test.

On the positive side I got a lot more airtime today.

Videos are on insta