Mast Length - Pros and Cons


I was wondering what mast length everyone has. Mine is 100cm and I was curious what length other people are using and whether I should cut it down a bit.

From my understanding, a shorter mast is more stable but it’s easier to lift out too far and have the wings or propeller lift out of the water, causing a crash. Is there more to it than that?


A longer mast also determines the minimum depth you can ride in.

One of the main reasons hydrofoils weren’t quite popular until today was this.
Other than that, anything underwater would create drag, which would be unwanted.
The minimum length of mast I’ve seen was about 70 cm. A longer mast would come in handy for bigger chops.


I am going for a 70cm mast. It should give me 55 ish before the prop ventilates. It doesn’t sound very high but I think its high enough for this application.

Also from my experience kiting and surfing on foils, If Im kiting on my 70cm mast and breach the foil, about 50% of the time Ill recover without wiping out. On my 95cm mast its never!

I also think the power from the prop will be easier to control from a shorter mast. I think because the power is coming from the bottom of the mast, it is essentially a big lever on a fulcrum point (where it joins your board). The shorter the lever, the more control I will have with my weight up top.

These are just my thoughts and not based on efoil experience yet. My build hasn’t hit the water yet.