Jezza's Build (slow)


It seems I can’t edit the original post so I will add some updates here. I am getting rather close now! I have my board and all the electronics. I just need to drill a hole for the wiring and put in mounts for the electronics enclosure. The electronics will be pretty quick as they are mostly just plug and play. Here are some pics:

This is a hobbyking yep 120A ESC with a modded heatsink. I’m hoping it will hold up! It only set me back £58 so its not an issue if it doesn’t!

[Arue] Efoil project with students

So I my drive unit had its first water test in the bath this evening and I couldn’t be happier! Now all that’s left is finishing off the board itself. So so close to getting on the water.


slick setup m8.
I am also in the process of making my own engine and just attach it to the board.
I still am still waiting for the motor and gearbox so i can start my assembly