Inflatable Board for e-foil


I really like the idea of an inflatable board hydrofoil. Manta has an inflatable board coming in 2018 for kite foiling and sail foiling. It might be a really good candidate for e-foiling.



that looks good. I am also a fan of the inflatable idea. Looking to mount my kitefoil on my inflatable sup. Will send photos.


Elevate E-sup foil is already building one


I like the idea of inflatable SUPs as well!
Living currently not that close to the water transport is an issue.

I am considering buying a set (board and wind) from elevate or manta and then building my own motor, battery, etc. The costs for the board and wing should be around $1400

Would you guys consider this a good way to ?
Is the assumption, that a sup made for using it with a kite can also be used with an electric motor?

Thanks for sharing infos, I am just getting started.


#5 check it out


Not relevant for our usage…


I don’t know if this would work on an inflatable board, but should be the trick for building a custom board for your efoil. Tough to trust something like this with very expensive hardware that’s riding underwater!


@Dirkdiggler, I do not think that this will be rigid enough on a regular inflatable. I am working on a marine plywood mount that will have ribs going forward at least 30" to make it rigid enough. Planning on strapping it to the board and then inflating the board for a tight fit.


Hey, thanks for the hint!
I just saw it. looking cool, but I’m missing much more power in it.
10km/h for 10 min - no power.
Maybe generation 3.0
I’ll keep searching for a DIY Kit. its amazing how creativity is flurishing in here :wink:


Yes, if you are looking for the high speed and long running, we are not quite that product. My foil makers say they can get a wing lifted at 3-4mph with my 44lbs of thrust, and cruise around 15 mph at medium speed for 30-45 minutes. Don’t need hi speed for continuous flight, only for the start.