How much thrust do we actualy need?


The same 56mm impeller.
400A ESC Flier, waterproof and water cooled.
motors: leopard, sss motor and tp power, tp power can support more amp.
exit nozzle ok


You motors are all 56mm diameter?


jet system 56mm but my idea is try the same gearbox diameter in open prop 30mm, next tests


Wow, cool 30mm propeller is getting small, interested to see how it works
I’m a little confused though, you will use 56mm motor, with a gearbox, and a 30mm open prop?
Why the open prop? They are very dangerous


when I say open prop it means propulsion propeller, jet is ducted propulsion.
My propeller with gearbox is 120mm, you can see in my videos on youtube, in my jet I’m using 56mm impeller direct do you understand? 30mm is the diameter motor brushless.
If I first made an impeller jet it was because the propeller is dangerous.
I think the ducted propeller ( bigger with gearbox) is still dangerous


Ok I get it now, thanks Virus!


You jet system is 56mm impeller, but what is the outlet diameter of your jet nozzle. It tapers in… have you tried making this larger or smaller for more thrust? We found that if your not using the jet near the surface to mix with air the nozzle outlet hole can be a little larger than normal and you get more thrust underwater.


ok but the potential energy is not the same with bigger hole