Drill gearbox system?


Has anyone looked into using a drill reduction gear box? Top brands have huge torque specs and often come with 1/2/3 speed settings.

I talked to a guy that services electric tools, and he said they just throw them away if the tool is not worth fixing. I am assuming heat would be a problem again with sustained running, with a efoil application.

Just putting the question out there.



We had this question a few times. Electric drills maybe have 200 Watts. We have 3000Watts. You could try, but it is not promising.


I think the drills are more like 1200w - 2000w range


I watched all your YouTube vids last night max. Nice looking board and build there.

I feel your pain with all that fiberglassing and sanding!! Hahaha it’s a long tedious process isn’t it.

Looking forward to the rest of the series.


Thank you! I am glad you liked them.

I am just glad I could hook up the sander to the vacuum. There was a 3cm thick layer of pink dust in my cyclone separator.