Does anyone know the ratio betwen liftoff power consumption and mid flight power consumption?


I am more worried about the sharp edges on the foil and the mast vs my legs. I will wear a wetsuit, helmet, impact vest gloves and shoes.


I definitely worry about the hydro foil wings for injury as they really hurt and are sharp. North has that really sexy looking foil with round rails connecting the wings… Brilliant design for safety… I would trade safe and fun with less efficiency any day, which is how I am designing and building my efoil.

My second concern with an efoil is the electronics, shorting, heat, battery fires.

I’m all about the direct jet drive as its less money to build, durable, very low profile as you don’t have to worry about a big prop/duct touching the surface as easily, and you cant access the blade/impeller with fingers that would chum in the big fish :slight_smile: lol.