DIY Waterproof remote


Mat how is your diy waterproof remote coming along? Have you tested it yet :slight_smile:
On Monday I’m starting to design a DIY waterproof surfboard remote control as well.


yes, tested in the water… the remote worked great and no water inside.
but i couldn’t get to to work through a bit more than 1 feet of water, so i had to bring the receiver above the surface.
My motor design is slightly under power and first try was with a kite wing and a very small board… so it was not picking up speed… and i ended up burning my amp-meter.
now in the process of making a bigger board and bigger wing…


I came across this wireless waterproof remote from Radinn, a mfr of e-wakeboards, Details HERE



Hi @Alexander
Which hall effect sensor did you use in the 3D remote. Is it for 3.3 volts. I can only find a hall effect sensor for 5+ volts


I use the SS495a which is 5v but seems to work fine on 3.2v from teensy.


I used this one… it works perfect with 3.3V

Think it’s the ss49e from Honeywell. Bought it on eBay back then :wink:


Thankyou. Your help is appreciated