DIY Waterproof remote


Hmm… interesting. I Will try in any case. If it will not work good - i can use reed switch like Alexander did.

UPD: Nope, it did not work. water (especially salt water) initiate the press without actual finger press.


Hi Hiorth

I believe you are using the Seeking 130. I’m working on the remote. Using a hall effect and rf boards. Everything is working except that when I turn the remote off, the motor goes to max rpm. Of course I want just the opposite to happen. Do you know what I’m doing wrong? Is there some type of signal or adjustment I need to make?
I know this ESC has a safety shut off. It just seems like whatever I’m doing I’m doing opposite. ha


Are you using an Arduino? If so, you have to set a counter which set the esc value to zero after a given time (timeout). Eg: 1500millis (1.5 sec). Too short could cause problems of transmission steadyness.
To see an example, check many posts above, I put a link to my Arduinos. Throttle remain the last set for 1.5sec and then drop to zero


Same as in post #222 of this thread.
Works on the concept : if transmission available, do your own process and write to esc, set counter to zero
else if last received data not available start counting and when over the timeout, set esc to zero.
This is for NRF24I but you can adapt it to bluetooth or others.