DIY Gear Design


Hi All

I am new to the team, and let me start by saying that what you guys are doing here is simply amazing, I am so impressed and inspired. Thank you all for sharing your ideas.

I thought I would contribute on the gear subject. From what I understand the PLE gear that is used is intended originally to increase the torque of stepper motors, that is why it is designed for low speeds and high accuracy (no backlash) which is the opposite of what we need.

I thought we can build a simple gear with a 4:1 or 5:1 ratio in 2 stages as in my simple design where I took @pacificmeister design and replaced the PLE gear with 4 gears.

It is still missing something to support the gears, bearings etc… and of course a housing for it which can be filled with oil and sealed with a dedicated rotary lip seal on the shaft. The gears will have to be helical which work better in high speeds (I did not model it with helical gears as it is more difficult on the CAD I have).

The down side of course is that it increases the dimension of the assembly but the gear housing exterior design can be streamlined so it will not increase drag significantly.
Gears are taken from :

I would like you guys to tell me why this is NOT a good idea. If I am convinced it is not a good idea – that was a good help. If I am not convinced I will make a more detailed design and estimate the cost to manufacture this part and then we can all take a more educated decision if this is a good idea.