Custom Direct drive motor


Hey guys, I have the ability to have any size and any kV motor built, I work with many motor factories. I’m willing to have made a custom KV 56104 motor for direct drive testing. So everyone please give your thoughts on size and KV and ill have one made up for testing. If @pacificmeister is willing to test ill send to him direct from the factory.


@pacificmeister I have a 200KV 56104 in stock now i can mail you free if your willing to test it direct drive.


Sounds great @Chris_wilson, I do appreciate that offer. I would love to experiment with a direct drive setup and test that motor. Around 100-120kv would be even better but let’s start with the 200 and see how it goes. Is it possible to have a slightly longer shaft and without key? Would be nice if I don’t need to use a coupler to extend the shaft. I’ll pm you my address. Thanks!


It should also not be more than 12s for safety reasons.


Got it and will have it sent out.


I think Lift are running 15S
I can’t find the KW and amps now
but im pretty sure its 15S


Lift are running either 14s7p, or 7s14p. It would come down to their motor-gearing config. Both will work equally well.

*Correction: They have 196 cells in their battery, therefore it most likely is 14s14p.


@ after testing with KV we need to make the Can longer to get the KV any lower than 200. I’m making a new sample to send to @pacificmeister it will need to be a 56114. How long do you want the shaft the sample should be done this week.