Complete E-foil for sale


3 weeks ago i bought a complete running efoil here on the forum. Now i got my easy goat from Carbatec which i ordered before. That is the reason why i want to sell the efoil again. I will send pictures and more informations if anybody is interested by mail. Shipping anywhere to Europe cost around 250€. > Board, Foil, and all the electronics with batteries and Motor. (location now is north of Germany)

That was the original text from Jordi from Spain.

I´m an e-foil builder from Spain. I started building my efoil about 9 months ago and it´s been slowly progressing up to the point where I can fly confidently with it.

Unfortunately, due to work relocation I´m moving to NZ and I can not take the e-foil with me. Rather than keeping it collecting dust perhaps can interest someone on the forum.

I´d be selling the whole lot, if this is of interest to anybody. Pack has:
-Carbon foil
-2x16000 multistar batteries
-56104SSS Motor
-Neugart PLE40 5:1
-Flier 320A ESC
-Hobbiking GB2T with buffalo enclousure

This would suit to someone looking to get into e-foils.

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hello ser
please sent me more details and fotos my mail
and price please

thanks george