Chinese hydrofoil for efoil?


I am going to have 3 #8 wires and 1 water cooling tube running inside the mast. What would be the best, 4 little holes or one big hole.


Looks like the same as my one. I made one big slot for getting the motor cables through one of the channels in the mast and will make a smaller hole in the other channel for the cooling tube.


You probably all ready know this. I was attempting to model the mast profile for my motor mount. Turns out the mast has a fwd and aft end side. You can’t just install it either way. You can’t tell by looking at it. It only goes together one way.


So did anyone get charge import duties on the imported foils?


I got charged 20 euros on my one. The guy from Aliexpress put the actual cost as being a lot lower than it was to reduce the import charges as much as possible.


So I saw that you have bought the foil and now have it had delivered what is your overall opinion of the foil regarding build quality, it resembling the described product and how it rides if you have already been riding it?
I would like to hear from you since I am keen on buying this foil since it looks really similar to the slingshot foil which I have been borrowing from a friend and I thus far have had good experiences with it.
So my final question would be if you would recommend this foil?

Cheers and thanks in advance


Hi All, what service did you use to pay for the foils? Trying to find a good service to transfer money with low banking costs etc…


I used alibaba trade assurance, fee was 2.4% of the total amount.


Use the trade assurance!!


I am very happy with the foil. I have never foiled so I have no experience on this subject. It seems very solid. I think it will give a lot of lift at slow speed. Even if everything goes great, it will be a month before I am in the water for the first time. It was easy to get the wires down the mast. I put 2 #8 wires down one channel, and 1 #8, and a 1/4" cooling tube down the other channel. The main body is solid aluminum stock.


I just got the same foil as MAC. Never tried any of this before, including Alibaba and ordering from China. It went very well! 12 days from when I first got in touch with the company and Jenny. 9 days since I sent my payment! $246.00 for the foil, $78.00 shipping, $324.00 total. I asked for and got a 80 cm mast. She is only at work after 11 pm Eastern Standard Time USA so it might take a few days to relay messages, if you don’t stay up late. Pretty pleased with it. Whole thing weighs 11.2 lbs or 5.08 kg. The fuselage is the heaviest part, if I get crazy, I might replace it with wood. There is the link again if anyone is interested:


Hi Gentlemen, got the same foil from ICAN.
I’m windfoiling it for now and need two -three washers below the rear mounting screw of the tail wing in order to lift off properly.
Also the rigging angle between foil and board was critical. With the board in normal swimming attitude the foil should be level on the ground (front wing and rear fuselage touching the ground). I had to tilt the foil 5 degree nose up to ensure this, then it lifted off early. Before I had to accelerate significantly to get the board slightly off the water and further increase the angle of attack.

By the way, I have stock of these foils now here in germany. So anybody in need just contact me, can ship within EU and worldwide if needed. Comes as a set with a 90cm and 60cm mast.



if you look down the profile you can tell which is the leading edge and trailing edge, similar to the shape of an airplane wing but double sided to minimize drag


Hi Bob,

I am interested to step on a hydrofoil this summer and I would like to have a wing as soon as possible. I live in Spain. What is your price, any pictures? It will be nice to be able to speak with you since you have experience. I got few questions according to the wings and their performance.



Hi Vassil,
unfortunately I already paid customs and VAT in germany, so it goes for a little more than when you buy it yourself. send me a message for details.

Best Regards