Chinese hydrofoil for efoil?


I am going to have 3 #8 wires and 1 water cooling tube running inside the mast. What would be the best, 4 little holes or one big hole.


Looks like the same as my one. I made one big slot for getting the motor cables through one of the channels in the mast and will make a smaller hole in the other channel for the cooling tube.


You probably all ready know this. I was attempting to model the mast profile for my motor mount. Turns out the mast has a fwd and aft end side. You can’t just install it either way. You can’t tell by looking at it. It only goes together one way.


So did anyone get charge import duties on the imported foils?


I got charged 20 euros on my one. The guy from Aliexpress put the actual cost as being a lot lower than it was to reduce the import charges as much as possible.