Can you recommend an ESC?


I just ordered this motor. Lets see how it performs. I am looking for a suitable ESC. Preferably quickly available in Germany.

It needs to have a flat cooling body, or one that I can machine flat. It will be attached directly to a waterproof aluminum housing. My battery has 12s and I am aiming for 200A.


In the specs of your motor link it says: max volt : 10S 42V, so 12S might be to high for this motor.


I am sure it can also take a little higher voltage, look at these low Kv. 200A will make the overload, you need to limit this current to the specified 80A, maybe also lower. Maybe a high quality VESC from Trampa will do.


Yes I will limit the current, but I would like the option to choose a bigger motor in the future and also want some reserves.


I already have the batteries, so 12s is given. If it melts, I get a different motor.


Keep it up for some hours. The Vesc reads in the motor temperature, so place a sensor to reduce current in time.


How about this one? Either I can machine the housing flat, or make a new housing that will bolt against the waterproof aluminium box. I hope at least.

The alien ESCs are all 5mm to long.
It needs to be less than 140mm long.

The VESC6 are good, but 350€ and not available from Germany.

There is also the Dlux 250A one, which looks diffuclt to attach a cooling body too. Here it is burning. The same thing happened to me once while I was riding an eskate.

And there is this Alien which could be easy to add a custom cooling body to. But I dont trust the rating.


Is it really waterproof??? That’s would be impressive but I see holes…