Buying a selfmade efoil


Diameter of props: 140mm :grinning:


@VeFoil, what you mean for “ultraslow”?


Sorry for the delay Gigi!
I just mean if you ride a larger wing like a SUP foil you can ride much slower while being very stable, vs higher performance kite foils. Also, smooth throttle control plays a big part in stability while riding. I’ll have been working on a floating wireless remote control that will work for any type of electric surfboard, jet board, efoil, SUP. I’m really excited about it. Rendering below for a visual :slight_smile:


Could you provide a video of your prototype board foiling? I would like to see.


I worry about seeing those efoils for sell without a propeller protection.


We don’t have footage of us up on foil yet Hiorth but are tooling up for a road trip down south to get out of winter and frozen lakes here and test three different prototypes with lots of variations (props, impellers, nozzles, and different motors). We will post some footage for sure once we get back!


Linzio, your board rental idea if you wanna see what these guys are doing:


Thanks chris! Something to compare.


Looking good! Nice model


Very nice looking prop! Are you planning on using these with a duct (safety purposes) ?
Are you willing to sell these?


Hi, is your efoil still to sell ?

Thanks for your return.




sory is SOLD :frowning: