Builders: how not to drill your alu or carbon mast!


As a kitesurfer having waited 10 years for the hydrofoil to arrive, I’ve always thought it was a pity to drill through a mast to make cable pass through it and to drill for the nose as well.

And this is why:
1 - carbon HF owners must join and therefore 100% of the market can be retrofited, not only the alu HF
1 - easy installation ,
2 - easyy removal to wind propulsion mode without dammage,
3 - no money loss if you have to sell your HF to somebody not interested in the eFoil mode who won’t appreciate 2 or 3 holes in the alu mast.

Here is my solution.
I got the idea when looking at Robbie Edwards Youtube Channel:
A piece of masking tape to guide the cables from the board deck to the propulsion system (torpedo).

Then the light came while searching for wood floor skirting solutions on the internet:
PVC flexible skirting band, 10USD for 20 metres with 3M adhesive

As per the torpedo nose, a screwed cap joining both halves will be so much better !
Does anybody remember the AHD AFS1 nose system ? Yes, you will have to lock the nose with a safety system (needle, …)

AHD AFS1 screwed nose


Looks like a nice solution. The cables are OD5.5mm (3 cables) and maybe a hose for watercooling.

Will be a small bulge at the leading edge, but It should work just fine.


Like it. Was thinking about making a rigid front mast cover cable track before, shaped to blend in with the mast and easy to take on/off. Great if you want to use the same foil for kite foiling. 3x 8awg wires (possibly plus water tube) is quite the bulge. Maybe flat braided wires?


Where can we find these wires and learn more?