Boards for eFoil


I tried degassing, but it foamed on the surface of the pot and was hard to not pour the foam. I guess I missed a step?


It needs to be in there longer (10minutes±), all the bubbles will go away. use a big pot so it does not overflow when degassing, a slow curing resin (30-60min pot life) is ideal.


No wonder, I left it just 2 Minutes!
Will try for my next board, this is getting addicting :grin:


Some resins might have degassing additive you can use to help… i use some when degassing polyurethane for casting, and it really reduces the time until bubbles stop appearing.

Another thing that helps for polyurethane and might be applicable to epoxy is cup/mixing stick material. If you live in a humid place, paper cup and wooden stick will put some moisture in the mix. Using plastic cups /mixing stick helps.

A very strong vacuum is also important to degas, but turn it down to vacuum bag or you’ll make you laminate too dry… i just did that yesterday when laminating a new wing… too little resin is left behind…


I don’t think bubbles are a problem for laminating. I had no issues, but I also don’t have a vacuum chamber. If you vacuum though, the bubbles rise up to about 4 times the volume until it colapses on itself. Then it is air free.


That foam is all the bubbles that were in the epoxy. If you had of carried on, they would have gone away…


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