Board hatch gasket


I’m curious about which solution, gasket and enclosure you guys are using, to seal the battery compartment door, for boards with sealed compartment (no Pelikan case). I’m about to chose the gasket, any tips will be welcomed!


google waterproof boat hatches


I did, the fact is that I already have the box laminated on the board, with 20mm wide 10mm deep recess, I 've a panel to do the door, retained by M6 bolts (brass inserts dipped into the board with epoxy, so I need only a gasket, to be glued on the board recess and compressed by the hatch panel, when tighening (moderate force) the bolts.
I have closed cell neoprene sheets but for a frequently opened door… I prefer to use something else.

Most of those plastic hatches sold for nautical use are not really watertight, or not enought for our purposes, the problems arise when you step on them, they flect letting water in. The same goes for plastic boxes for electric use, better steer over the aluminum ones if you need real IP67 grade.


I Agree. Most boat hatches are built to widstand rein/sparys, not submursion. We us a epdm lipseal tape, glued together with superglue. Works like a charm, no compartment leaks ever (except when we forgot one bolt…) with more than 20 hours on the water.


There are these round hatches for kayaks and dinghys. They are absolutely waterproof and you can get a lot of sizes. Even made from clear polycarbonate. Only drawback is that they are round and you have some unused space inside.


I considered those also… I had those on cathamarans and dingy boat… It stopped me the accessibility factor… 4x 16A 6S batteries to wire, antispark, hall sensor ammeter… next board I will do differently, better to start designing from the hatch!


Ok! not sure yet but I spot a 3mm sheet of soft rubber at work… I’ll give it a try.


What do you thing about this hatch? Not very cheap but pretty strong.