Blocoloco’s efoil


which one you mean? the top is not finished.


I mean the cavities. You glassed only up to the edge and not beyond. I guess you will cut the excess off, but you can also saturate it and glue it onto the deck.


the plan is to glass into the cavities from the top.


getting closer to the final top glassing…


i‘ve glassed the top today.


did some work for the engine mount.


thanks @pacificmeister for the great video to edit the mastbrand on your fusion sources.


Nice tool you have there. Glad it work out with the mount adjustment for your mast.


last sanding before i‘ll put the final gel coat on the board.


Gel coat? I didn´t add any. Just epoxy.


Are you going to put the hole through for wires after glassing?


i‘m goining todo this before glassing the last layer.


@MaxMaker but you‘ve put a epoxy layer on it. i‘m going to put just the gelcoat with colour pigments on it.


i‘ve fixed the tubes for the wires today.


Nice! Are you epoxying in the PVC tube or glue? Are you running a slot under the Mast Mount to allow the wires to get into the tube if you move the mast forward or backwards in the Fin Box?


i’ve glued them in, but i’will put some expoxy for the finish. in this version you can’t move the mast. i think this is not necessary


Have you drilled your F-One mast in the meantime?
How are you going to route your motor wires through the mast, the deep KF-Box adapter and the board?


step by step, but yes i’m going to drill the f-one mast. i’ll post some picture soon.


Dear Blocoloco, finally did you drill the mast? How is going? I’m planning to buy the fone mast couse there are a lot of wing can change to experiment…


hi chippoco, i havent drilled but i’ll let you know when it’s done.