Austin's Foil Build


Here are the files to my Fully 3D printed Foil and Mast. I have many pictures I can post upon request of angles I printed them.

Mast 1 (top part of mast with Mount)
Mast 2 (middle part of mast)
Mast 3 ( bottom part of mast)
Mast 23 ( mast 2 and 3 together held together for better support while printing)

Mast 23 worked the best on my CR-10

Foil wing Left and Right I printed countless ways and it kept failing until I tried this angle.

Feel free to ask any questions.


Austin, I really like your design! I looked at your library of parts on grabcad and it wasn’t immediately obvious to me which of these I would need to print and equally important how you envision assembling them together. Did you fiberglass or carbon fiber your design? Or plan to? Thx!


I plan on fiberglassing all of it together. Right now its just glued together. There are three pieces to print for the Mast (Mast 1,2,3)
and the foil has 3 or 4 parts to print depending on what type of printer you are using. My CR-10 has a decent print box so I can print half of the front of the foil at one time



it’s nice to see someone else 3d printing the same mast and foil as myself. best of luck.


Have you had the opportunity to test it yet?


@Atriay11, that is great, thank you.

My son @axgib and I are starting printing your mast. About 12 hours overnight for the first piece below.

Which glue have you used please to glue together the various sections ?

We printed on our “old” now Cr-10 with the following settings :
PLA at 225 degrees
Glass at 50 degrees
Layers height at 0.3mm

It is coming perfect at the first trial.

Plan will be to cover it with carbon layers



To be honest I don’t thing this 3D printed setup will work. How do you handle the push force in the mast? Carbon or Glas is not good in taking those. For the fuselage I also think it will break. Last year I made one out of 20x20mm wood, an it broke immediately


Plenty of high performance racing kitefoils fully carbonated. U should see my kiteboard resisting the water and it has been punished well :smiley: 1 or more directional fiber layers improve directional stiffnes A LOT. Unlike glass :slight_smile: Printed parts are just a “model” for laying down the fabrics. I think 1st model of a Bugatti Veyron produced more than half of its weight just from rear (carbon) spoiler at certain speeds and thats almost over a metric tone, if not more. :open_mouth:
Also, specific layers of fibers for the same weight as steel and aluminum, give 3-10+ more stiffness. Thats enough for me :smiley: But, it cracks easier in head on collision but thats not 2 important for this application unless u want to dig out potatoes with it :wink:

EDIT: Back in student days, we made mini formula (FSAE), body was from glass and crashbox (nose) was from carbon. We had to satisfy some standards and make it stiff enough for minimum crashing standards. Turned out it was 2 stiff (it cracked up, or better word shattered, half of the glass body and nose remained in 1 piece), so we had to remake the crashbox in glass which finally worked. Max speed was limited to 120 km/h. I hope that gives u some feeling of carbon stifness :smiley:

@ATRIAY11 maybe u should do front and backwing appart, if maybe later u would like to change angles of attack for a personal favorite stance :wink: I never foiled but there is nice amount of “changing angle” talk among some kitefoilers i know.


Atriay11, we have finished printing the mast (mast2+3 took 23 hours !), now printing the fuselage for only a couple of hours.

We are surprised by the length of the mast, ain’t for rookies ! :smile: So we were thinking about keeping only the first 2 parts, and forget about the third part so that it is reasonably easier to start experimenting and flying. Mechanic efforts will be weaker then too.


Glad to hear its coming out well! Right now I have gorilla super glue holing the parts together before glassing it. I’m excited to hear you are covering it with carbon layers. I’d love to see how that turns out, please share some pictures. If you plan to shorten the mast length I would skip MAST2, because Mast 3 has a non hollow bottom that will help adhere to the fuselage better.


nope, just finished carbon fibering, 4 layers of fiberglass one layer of carbon