Anyone interested in a board and foil combo


Hi guys/gals,

Myself and a friend are currently working on a foil board (nz build) and are thinking about possibly building a couple of board and foil combos to sell on to other aspiring builders.

The board would consist of a fiberglassed build with a water tight hinged hatch for electronics grip tape and a fiber glass, aluminium or carbon mast and foil (foil&mast material undecided yet)

We could possibly do a variety of colours if requested.

The reason for this is we have been building prototypes using carbon , Alu, fiber glass, closed cell foam, epoxy and 3d printing and feel we have gotten quite good at it.

We want to help anyone who is looking for a “ready made” option at a reasonable price that Dosent have the time to build there own.

Thanks, David.


Any feedback on this idea? Would anyone be interested?


How much would you be charging for the combo?


Also curios on what an average price would be


Hi David,

I could be interested in a board only for my second board. Unfortunately I don’t have a garage/workshop so it’s difficult for me to build. What price are you thinking?


Hi guys ! Thanks for the feedback! We are currently waiting for an email back from the cnc company that would be doing the blank cuts. Once I get a price from him I will let y’all know a price !



Hi guys , cnc outsourced cuts are outrageous prices in New Zealand,

We want to keep the board under the 1k mark so it is accessible to everyone.

Again we are looking at alternatives and hope to have something soon.




Hey David, did you consider making this out of rotational moulded plastic like kayaks? You will get huge cavities at a cheap price and with excelent mechanical properties. Not as light weight, but much simpler to produce. They are are also bouncy. A glass kayak weighs maybe 20kg and a plastic kayak 27kg. So the weight difference is not very much. Plastic kayaks cannot crack though.

If you need, I could create CAD files for a rotationally moulded board for you.


thanks mate, we are looking into it and will keep you posted on our findings.


Hi David,

I’m in australia, but very interested. The guy I had interested has put it in the too hard basket.

Keep me in the loop.


Will do mate! Keep an eye here