Anyone building in the UK


Based in the UK (Plymouth) toying with the idea of converting my existing kitesurf foil to electric. (Slingshot hover glide mast and foild and liquid force kitefish board).

Just interested to know if there is anyone else building their own DIY electric Hydrofoil in the UK.

I live right next to a tidal lake which would be the perfect testing ground!




I am UK based…London area.


Cool, have you started a build?


Yeah, this is my build: Jezza's Build (slow)

I am using a Temevanto board. I am quite close to finishing it. Just some electronic fitment and minor glassing on the board and it will be water ready. I’d say a days dedicated work would get me there. Therefore it will most likely be done in a months time :joy:


Looks great, nice work

Did you get all the 3D printing done in the uk and I’m assuming your board is an old race board.

I’m really keen to start a build but not sure if I might be a bit out of my depth technically


I did all the 3D printing and milling (by hand) myself. The board is the one that used to come with the Taora sword foil:$_86.JPG (that’s the exact board I bought).
I’m an engineer so from a technical standpoint I don’t think the project is too intense. I’m trying to keep everything as simple and cheap as possible. I am very keen to see the results of the 45mm pod build on the forum as I think it could be good cheap option.
I also have a 100KV 4KW outrunner that I plan to use as a direct drive unit, but who knows when I’ll even get round to that.