Another Jet Propulsion Try


Hey Max,
my old torqeedo build (not a foil) was a side project in the company I worked before, so I do not have access to it any more.

The actual built is running now.
The past two days I did some testing on the Wörthersee, unfortunately without the proper battery pack… (old,worn out RC battery Packs with 12S1P 5000mah)
It really has plenty of power and the jet works pretty well, but due to the battery not for a long time…
I did not manage to get on the foil yet but for me it looks pretty good at the moment.

you can see a small preview on my Instagram page:



What prevented you getting up on the foil?


one reason i did not try to get up on the foil was that i did not mounted a thrust pad at the time of the test ride, so the surface of the board was to slippery to get up on it, the second reason was that the cooling pump was not working properly at the moment so i decided to use full throttle just for a few seconds…

but it was just the first test, i will continue testing when i have a new battery…


Hi Boris,
This is a very nice build. I just re-read the complete thread, I had missed part of it. I really like your plug system. The simplicity of direct jet drives is so nice. Once I give up on the belt experiments I am thinking about reusing that SSS 360kv for jet experiments. What motor are you using? Did you measure your currents? Are you planning to share your CAD? Hope you get your batteries soon and will share more tests with us.
Grüße aus LA an den wunderschönen Wörthersee,


Don’t give up. It looks promising.


Hi, can you share your STL files for the printed pieces?