Alien 200A 3-16S vs Seaking V3 130A vs Flier 400A


A car battery with 12v can together with the coil and breakers produce sparks of 10 000 volts or more for the sparkplugs. The esc can produce voltage spikes that kan kill the esc itself (if you do not have enough capacitors) so it is not impossible for it to be harmful, if it is likely that is another story.


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The electricity is and has been my main concern from battery chemical fires, to hot wires to ESC’s shorting out, to getting shocked. I touched on this is a post a couple months ago and PowerGlider has shared some great info above in the link confirming this.

On a lighter note getting shocked with AC from the motor is better than DC… DC forces your body to lockup until you die or disconnect, while AC provides the pulsing allowing us to react and let go. The good news is that if you get shocked while riding… it won’t be long before you fall and disconnect :slight_smile:



Ok, do you know if it’s a direct connection between - and the pipes? My guess is that that would be the same for the esc:s using heat sink and wc as well? Fet:s are normally connected screwed to the heat sink in which the pipes run.




The cooling pipes are grounded (there’s a link through the PCB to the negative terminal).


At last it worked!!! I powered the Flier 200A 16s (same as the Alien) and it works, cool. But, just save me quit cursing, it’s impossible to set just by the beeping and remote, definitely an absurd method. So, all pumped up by the sound of the SSS360 revving I got the Pl2303 usb to uart, disconnected everyrhing and… The usb don’t work!!! Seems a driver issue but I tried everything, any driver from 2007 to now. Nothing. Error 10 message, no way to plug ESC to computer. I ordered a different adapter… Let see next week. No answer till now from Flier